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Know your Industry: Uncover the Ad SDKs inside Apps

Export Block Lists for Ad Platform (E.g: Facebook Audience Network)

Make It Easy to Optimize


For Marketers

Advertising Optimization.
Attain only the most relevant platform from millions of app.
Revitalize advertising strategy.

For Ad Networks

Identify optimal partnership opportunities.
Gauge market and cohort landscape.

For Publisher

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking.
Plan prospective publishers and advertisers.
Monetization Analysis.

Ad SDK Analytics

Our SDK Recognition & Analysis allows you to see exactly what tools / SDKs this app currently has installed. Learn how they are monetizing, tracking, and communicating with their users. This data should be used both for monetization optimization as well as for sales intelligence.

Vast Data

Over 500000+ active apps on Google Play store we tracked
Over 21+ ad platforms' SDK we analyzed

Target Search

Input App name/ Package name/ publisher to search
See what SDKs your competitors' are using

Export Block lists

Export app block lists of ad platform by one key
Help marketers to avoid specific traffic with poor

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